About the Company

Billfire is a SaaS provider focused on driving financial efficiency in the supplier business. Our core product, Account Center, is the industry-leading EIPP platform that makes it easy for distributors' customers to pay online and self-manage their accounts. Built around insights from 20 years of foodservice industry experience, Account Center eliminates friction from the payment process and gives users a comprehensive, real-time picture of what needs to be done and when. Invoices can be paid manually or automatically, individually or in aggregate, and credit memos are automatically applied. And with accessibility across any device with a web browser, and quick integration with existing systems, Billfire’s products reduce time and money spent on finances.

About Our Customers

Billfire’s customers are distributors of all sizes, from members of the Top 5 to smaller, local companies. We work directly with their credit and sales teams to assess organizational needs, creating new tools and features that make invoicing and payments more intuitive and convenient.

Some of Our Customers