At Billfire, we’re dedicated to providing the best payment solutions for our customers. We dive deep to solve the tough problems that suppliers and their customers face every day, providing unique account management and payment features that can’t be found anywhere else.  Since 2002, we have the data and insights to deliver unmatched A/R efficiency for small, medium and Fortune 1000 companies. We have a proven track record of shortening collection times, getting customers to pay online, and increasing efficiency for sales and credit teams.

We have been leading the charge in one of the most challenging industries – restaurant supply. With over 400,000+ end users and more than $20 billion in payments annually, our customers rely on our secure and scalable platform (PCI DSS 3.2 and AICPA SOC 1 type 2 certified).

Our accounts receivable automation platform is packed with features that help your organization manage invoices and credits. Our intuitive setup process gets, your business ready to receive online payments in no time. And Billfire’s Customer Success program gives you the resources, materials, and support to help your team get every customer paying online.

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Simple, Convenient & Secure

Buyers manage their invoices and credit memos online anytime, anywhere, using any device, with immediate and scheduled secure payments.

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Saves Time and Resources

Billfire customers process payments 4.3 business days faster than with traditional methods. Our Power Pay Tools allow credit and A/R teams to drive customer payments themselves.


Industry-Specific Features

Account Center can be customized for any industry, including unique features that account for the needs of your business and customers.


  • Customers have been pleased with the ease of access and user friendliness of the site. They're paying online and on time!
    — Nicole L., Kansas City

  • This is great! I can make payments from anywhere at anytime - which I did while I was traveling last week using my phone - love it!
    — Sam R., Seattle

  • Thanks to Auto-Pay, we can ship to accounts that had payment problems in the past, and can manage them easily. No more “the check is in the mail!”
    — Ben B., Chicago

  • Our customers love Billfire! Our sales and credit teams enjoy the ease of use and its countless assets.
    — Craig J., Richmond

  • Our in-house process was tedious, time consuming, and expensive. With Billfire, our staff is free to do other tasks, and gives us options we never had before. Priceless.
    — Shelley D., San Diego

  • I love Billfire! It’s a super tool and a money saver; no postage or check costs and my bills are always paid on time.
    — Marie L., Springfield

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