As the leading payments processor for the foodservice industry, Billfire places the highest priority on the protection of our customers’ financial information. Our practices and tools ensure that we meet all industry standards for security, and we are constantly innovating to keep every account safe.

Compliance and Certifications

Our online invoicing and payments platform, Account Center, meets multiple data security guidelines, including PCI DSS 3.2 and AICPA SOC 1 type 2. Billfire’s security is audited by independent third-party experts to ensure that rigorous standards of the guidelines are always met. All financial information is transferred as encrypted via a secure transport.

The Billfire team monitors and enhances the security features of the platform based on new technology and industry practices. All of our software solutions are developed by internal, Billfire-employed teams, which keeps sensitive data safely in our hands and eliminates the risks that come from using outside vendors and programmers.

User Protection

Only distributors’ customers can add their bank account information to Account Center, with only the last 4 digits of the account number visible to the customer or the distributor. As a result of this account masking, if an account is hacked or a password stolen, bank account information cannot be obtained by the hacker. Additionally, distributors are limited to view-only access of customer accounts, preventing payments from being triggered without the customer’s consent. Finally, all payments must be explicitly approved by the customer, ensuring nothing happens without their knowing.

Monitoring and Contingencies

Our dedicated operations team manages our systems 24/7, getting consistent updates to make sure that our data and platforms are secure. Alerts and safeguards are put in place to identify threats and keep the data safe.