Account Center is an online invoice and credit solution created exclusively for the needs of B2B commerce. Its intuitive design and tools are so effective that your customers won't want to manage their accounts any other way.

Setup is fast and simple. Our dedicated Customer Success team gets you live on Account Center quickly and easily with no ERP integration needed. Our team works with you on quick start training that helps your customers get signed up and paying online.


Designed for B2B commerce

Auto-Pay keeps customers current and eliminates COD.

Enables multiple user roles to accommodate any staff structure.

Your central dashboard provides customers one place to manage all locations.


Industry Leader in Online Payments

Trusted by distributors of all sizes, from most of the Top 5 to small, local companies.

Hundreds of thousands of restaurants across North America use Account Center - up to 40% of your customers already make payments with Billfire.

Intuitive design and resources from Billfire get your remaining customers paying online quickly.


Improved Performance

Day's Sales Outstanding (DSOs) decrease an average of 4.3 days for distributors, getting money to your accounts more quickly.

Separates collections from sales, which saves salespeople nearly 8 hours per week, giving them 24% more time for prospecting and selling.